2011-01-05 03:56:14 by girrocks

I'm now posting artwork... It may be used by anyone for any purpose as long as I'm credited. I only have one right now... But will be posting more soon.

I Hate You All

2010-12-10 06:38:25 by girrocks

That's right. I be trollin'. Just because one of my favorite flashes got blammed. The fug's wrong with you people. And oh my god it's no where else that I can find. So... I FUCKING HATE WITH THE BURNING PASSION OF A THOUSAND WHITE HOT SUNS you all. That is all.

Mouse skills

2010-10-12 15:51:03 by girrocks

My friend says I need a tablet. I'm happy with the mouse. Everything you seen of me, my page header, my picture, my avatar... they are drawn by me using the mouse. Now, to let you know my chibis are based on MADNESS. It's my own personal tribute and if someone could tell the creator that I'm not trying to steal it, just tribute it, that would be great. I think that is all.

Dude... Long time, no post

2010-05-21 03:19:06 by girrocks

Dude! It's been like forever! I'm still a yaoi freek, but I like yuri, and support het. I moved... over a year ago... heh... News... news.... Um..... trying to get money to buy a flash creating program also a window editing program. Ah screw it. I got nothin.

Okay wtf?

2008-11-24 03:37:21 by girrocks

people stop sending me random comments i dont like it i got one really disgusting one! If you want to send me a comment make it related on the topic, NOT ON MY ICON. So.... F*CK OFF Please send my comments related to my posts. If I knew fags were gunna send me random shit I wouldn't post. The next person to post a comment on my post and its not related to the subject, I'm reporting. Yeah. I'm a bitch like that.

Soon video making

2008-11-19 22:42:21 by girrocks

im going to be making a vid! 13 to be exact for um orgy xiii 1 for each member might post um here im starting with demyx cuz i have the sitar song lol